Relese 0.3 External Project

As stated in previous blog post, 0.3 was quite interesting Release. During my commit for implementing Redis functionality in our Project, we were using ioredis as database implementation. Ioredis was used because of our project running on Node.js as well as Ioredis frequent updates. We are also using mock-redis in our project for tests.

This information is important since to pass data correctly the method HSET should be used. Originally, HMSET method was required, but it became deprecated so the functionality I first tried was HSET. However, the issue was that eventhough Redis have changed it, ioredis and mock-redis did not. That is where I decided upon which external issues to grab and pull requests to make.

My decision was mostly based on improving Telescope project, and I thought well, since I have already started learning Redis, why would not I improve my knowledge by committing to the repositories of the very technology we are using in our project. The idea seemed very cool.

Therefore I jumped on the issue in ioredis first, since it is more important. Professor helped me to find the filed Issue corresponding to the problem. However it seemed that it have been stale so I needed to reopen it.

As I have tried to work on this issue, I realized that windows version of redis I have set up previously is falling pretty far behind. I have tested it thoroughly, but to no result. Therefore I have installed Ubuntu VM usinf VMware and it was running perfectly there.

As a result, I was able to add HSET functionality to ioredis and my pull request was successfully merged into ioredis repository.

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