Release 0.4

Release 0.4 ended up been way smoother than 0.3. It was mostly because my environment was set up and running perfectly as well as I got way more familiar with redis and git. Therefore not thinking long, I jumped to my next issue. The only problem was that I needed another student to merge her pull request before I could finish my.

However, everything went well and I was able to successfully add a functionality to get the number of feeds and posts in the Redis database using following functionality:

const feedsCount = await storage.getFeedsCount();
const postsCount = await storage.getPostsCount();

and to achieve it I used method scard and zcard to retrieve values from redis arrays.

As for External Issue, I decided to add HSET functionality to mock-redis now. However, upon doing so, I have encountered an issue. I have tried to add hmset functionality to hset. However, I have encountered that hset is not receiving an argument in a form of an object. I am not sure what causes that issue, but it seems that hset receives string insead of an object.
Error: Expected { '[object Object]': undefined } to equal { id: '3', email: '' }

Therefore my Pull Request is waiting review from the repository moderator. I have also filed an Issue in repository for a review, so hopefully somebody can look into it faster.

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