Release 0.3

Release 0.3 was a quite interesting one. We were introduced to the project of Telescope. This is the website to show blog posts like this one in the feed list. To create it, we needed to start posting Issues we could think about. As per my analysis, I decided to work on back end and specifically on a database. Therefore, I created my Issue. I thought of working on relational database since it is the only database structure, I had an experience with. However, as I was told by a Professor Humphrey @humphd the decision was made to work on non-relational database called Redis. It was the first time I heard about that. Therefore, I have started doing my research and realized that is quite interesting technology and suits the project type like ours very well.

My first attempt to contribute was to create a database structure and apply it to our project. I would take quite some time. That’s when I realized that Open Source Development works a little bit different than the development I used to. By the @humphd suggestion, I started with something smaller. It was implementing ioredis to our project and testing it on the parser created by another student.

To start I have prepared my environment to develop on. As I researched, redis technology is not quite adjusted for Windows OS yet but works on Linux.

My first attempt was to install docker and run it on its instance. However, it caused an issue that Redis could not connect to a stated port. Upon further research, I have found the Windows integrated version of redis at

I have also used RedisDesktop app found at to visualize the process and operate database easier.

As a result, my first Pull Request for our project was completed and database looked like this.


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